College Consulting

1-on-1. Personally tailored college consulting service.

College Application Assistance

Boost your odds for acceptance.

Ivy League Admissions

Simplified way to get accepted into Ivy League schools.

Consulting for Student Athletes

Get into the best programs for your sport.

Comprehensive Services – Get into the Best Schools

Academic profile & extracurricular activity assessment

Academic course selection and planning

Development of standardized testing strategy

Self Discovery Assessment

Development of College Application

Based on student’s post-secondary goals

College Visit Planning

Guidance and includes open house events.

Managing Related Stress and Anxiety

Assisting families with the complications of applying to different schools.

Unique Experience Analysis

Find any unique experiences or circumstances that may effect candidacy into schools.

Personalized Approach

We focus on the needs and objectives of the students and families.

College Essay Guidance and Assistance

Essays are an important piece of the puzzle and you want to catch the eye of admissions personnel and highlight the students’ potential. We assist with creating compelling and highly thought out essays.

Private Counseling

We value your privacy.  One on one counseling allows us to give you the best recommendations and show you what steps to follow.

Scholarship Applications

Sometimes you need more than good grades to get the scholarships that your student needs.  We assist with scholarship applications as well.

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Admission to Top Colleges and Universities

There are many aspects to get your students’ into top schools:

  • Well written essays that share insight on the student
  • Avoiding poor school recommendations
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors

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