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As a trained educational professional, former college athlete, high school coach, and academic athletic advisor, Michelle Dixon provides specialized athletic counseling to address the college admission process for student-athletes.

Unbounded Edge recognizes that academic-eligibility standards are continuously rising, and the stakes are higher than ever before for high school students. UECC provides guidance and education to high school students and parents, regarding NCAA Eligibility requirements and properly advising prospective student athletes towards initial eligibility.

UECC Student-Athlete Block Package includes consultation, academic and eligibility assessment, and support with the NCAA application process. At UECC, we provide the following guidance and services:

  • Review NCAA rules and regulations including the NCAA eligibility process
  • Honest evaluation of student-athlete’s academic performance
  • Examine the pros and cons of NCAA Division I, II, and III
  • Advisement of course selections that can assist student’s Core GPA
  • Review NCAA recruitment procedures, rules, and deadlines
  • Provide strategies for effective self-marketing to college coaches
  • Advise planning of official and/or unofficial athletic campus visits

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